… it has been a true blessing

From our very first meeting together, we had a really good feeling about the whole process and Marie made our space and time together feel very nurturing and comfortable. It was amazing what just one therapy session did for us. She is 100% present during our time together.
Marie is SO GOOD at listening and interpreting our conflicts (however complex) she is always spot on with her assessment of the conflict. She sees past the obvious and goes deep down into what’s really behind the obvious issue. It has opened our eyes and hearts, and given us real effective tools to work on what we have discovered during each session. 
She also gives us some really detailed feedbacks after our sessions, and these have been so great for us to continue the daily work needed to stengthen and take our relationship to the next level. 
It has been a true blessing to have Marie guide us in our relationship, with her professionalism, honesty, and enormous big heart ♥
We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.